Monday, July 2, 2012

VirtualBox Guest additions upgrade: install_x11_startup_app: no script given

Here's what we get after trying to upgrade the Guest Additions from 4.1.12 to 4.1.14:
Installing the Window System drivers
Installing X.Org Server 1.11 modules ...done.
Setting up the Window System to use the Guest Additions ...done.
You may need to restart the hal service and the Window System (or just restart
the guest system) to enable the Guest Additions.

Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components!
(See the log file /var/log/vboxadd-install-x11.log for more information.)
Press Return to close this window...

install_x11_startup_app: no script given
Before installing the new guest additions version, you need to remove manually 2 symlinks:
 rm /usr/lib64/VBoxGuestAdditions
 rm /usr/share/VBoxGuestAdditions